Study the Foundations of American Government: A Summer Intensive Civics Program for High School Teachers

The University of Chicago Graham School and the Jack Miller Center Presents:

The Unfinished Work: Issues and Debates at the Founding and in Contemporary Civic Life

The University of Chicago Graham School is offering teachers two coordinated, two-day intensive sessions on American history and government. Thanks to the Jack Miller Center's generous grant, teachers may partake in this program at no cost.

Discover new perspectives on the material and ideas you teach your students while earning professional development credit.


Each UChicago Graham seminar is remote and free for high school teachers selected to participate, who will receive, if they participate in all the offered sessions:

  • 25 professional development hours 
  • A $200 stipend to defray costs
  • A GrubHub gift card to provide daily lunches
  • Primary source readings and secondary works, mailed in advance

Teachers may attend each two-day session as a stand-alone course, or participate in multiple sessions. Scroll down to see the full program.

SESSION 1 | July 7 and 9 | Problems in Theory and History

Tuesday, July 7:

9 a.m.–noon Greek Political Thought

Instructor: Kendall Sharpe, PhD, Basic Program Instructor

noon–1 p.m. Break for lunch
1–4 p.m. Roman Civil War and National Security

Instructor: Michele Lowrie, Professor of Classics

Thursday, July 9:

9 a.m.–noon Resources from the National Archives on Teaching Early Congresses

Instructor: Charlie Flanigan, Center for Legislative Archives
noon–1 p.m. Break for lunch
1–3:30 p.m. Impeachment: A Constitutional Close Reading

Instructor: Adam Rose, Basic Program
3:30–4 p.m.     Break
4–5 p.m.     Group Discussion: Applications for the Classroom

SESSION 2 | July 14 and 16 | Problems of Practice

Tuesday, July 14:

9 a.m.–noon Problem of Faction: The Rise of Parties in the First Congresses

Instructor: Fred Beuttler, Graham School Instructor
noon–1 p.m. Break for lunch
1–4 p.m. The Modern Executive

Instructor: Will Howell, Professor of Political Science

Thursday, July 16:

9 a.m.–noon The Judiciary

Instructor: Gerald Rosenberg, Professor Emeritus of Political Science

noon–1 p.m. Break for lunch
1–4 p.m. Legislators’ (mis)Understandings of Policy Outcomes

Instructor: Adam Zelizer, Professor of Public Policy
3:30–4 p.m. Break
4–5 p.m. Group Discussion: Applications for the Classroom

Bonus Session | July 13–August 3 | 1–3:30 PM CT | Congress and the Presidency

  • Remote, taught by Fred Beuttler, PhD, former Deputy Historian of the House of Representatives
  • Four 2.5-hour sessions taught remotely
  • 10 scholarship slots available for high school teachers to participate
  • Scholarship recipients receive tuition, books, and a $100 stipend to participate

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