Degrees, Certificates, and Convocation

Upon successful completion of your certificate or degree program, you will be issued a diploma and honored in a school-wide convocation ceremony. Learn more below about how to apply to graduate and participate in related events.

Apply to Graduate

Certificate Students

Upon completion of Certificate Program requirements, students can request to receive their diploma. Certificates are conferred electronically on a rolling basis. Within four weeks of submitting their certificate request, students will receive an email with password-coded directions for download. Physical diplomas are only conferred to students who attend the Certificate Graduation Celebration. The Certificate Graduation Celebration date is communicated in December.

Request your certificate.

Grade records for professional noncredit certificate programs predating 1996 are not available.

Eligibility for Graduation

In order to be eligible to graduate students must have:

  • Met the degree requirements by the end of the quarter that they wish to apply for graduation;
  • Have all university accounts in good standing;
  • Complete an application for graduation

Application for Graduation

The Graham School Dean of Students notifies degree students on a quarterly basis when the application for graduation is available for them to complete. Students must fill out an application to be considered for graduation.

Students should only apply if they will have met the requirements for graduation by the end of the quarter. Please note that there is an Administrative Fee applied to the students account for students that need to be removed due to ineligibility. For fee information, visit the UChicago Bursar's Fees page.

Students may submit their application by going to

Instructions for the application:

  1. Log in to the portal ( and search for “my information”, then search for “academics” (note: this is not the academic tab you see when you first log in!).
  2. At the bottom you should see a space where it says” anticipated grad date” (this should be changed to Fall if you plan to graduate in Fall) and the link to apply for the actual degree or a note that you are not eligible to apply, in which case you need to fix the anticipated graduation date.

Name Changes (NC)

Students that request a preferred name on their diploma that is different from the legal name on file with the University need to complete a Name Change Form. The student can either fill it out in person at the Registar’s Office (they have notaries on staff), or they can take the form to a notary near them and mail the form. The form can be found on the Registrar’s website.

Attend Convocation

Academic Regalia

Students can purchase their academic regalia at the Hyde Park campus bookstore. The bookstore will have regalia in stock a few weeks prior to Convocation.  Students only need to know their height to obtain regalia.

Convocation Information

Students can find the most up to date information regarding Convocation on the University Events website.

The Dean of Students will also send important information to students UChicago emails prior to Convocation.