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Graduation Information

Important information for preparing to graduate and attend convocation.

Apply to Graduate

Current Quarter Graduates: Please visit and complete your Application to Graduate. Follow the below steps to complete your Application to Graduate.

  1. Log in to and click the “My Academics” tab.
  2. Under the Academics tab, to the right, under Graduation, select the Graduation Application link to apply.
  3. Input information and save each screen.
  4. Click "Submit Graduation Application" to finalize your application.

Students must meet all program requirements and apply for the degree by the deadlines for the quarter in which you meet the requirements in order to earn your degree. If a student fails to apply for graduation, they will be ineligible to graduate during the said quarter.


Students that request a preferred name on their diploma that is different from the legal name on file with the University need to complete a Name Change Form. The student can either fill it out in person at the Registrar’s Office (they have notaries on staff), or they can take the form to a notary near them and mail the form. The form can be found on the Registrar’s website.

Delaying Graduation

If, after applying, a student must delay graduation, they must contact the program advisor or Dean of Students Office by the end of the fifth week of the quarter, Friday, May 8. Students must reapply for graduation the following quarter and will be assessed a $65 reapplication fee if the delay is initiated after the fifth week of a quarter. Students are responsible for ensuring they meet all degree requirements and should confirm their eligibility to graduate with your academic advisor(s).

Degree Conferral and Receiving Your Diploma

All academic requirements must be fulfilled for you to receive your diploma. These requirements include, but are not limited to, all grades (current and prior quarter) being posted to your academic record.

The University Registrar will withhold diplomas for students with negative service indicators (holds) on their student accounts. If possible, students should make arrangements with the respective units (i.e., University Bursar, University Library, etc.) to clear holds by the end of the fifth week of the graduating quarter.

Note: The University won't remove anyone from graduating entirely, but diplomas will not be mailed until negative service indicators are cleared.

Receiving Your Diploma

The University Registrar will mail diplomas during the final week of the graduating quarter. Students have until Friday of the fifth week of the quarter to update their "Diploma Mailing Address" and their primary phone number via your portal.

If you encounter an issue updating this address, please email

Alternative Diploma Options

The University also makes available certified PDF copies of Diplomas for all graduates from Spring 2017 through the present. For information about this service, please see CeDiplomas.

Should graduates need to obtain certified copies of their diploma, please review the directions on the Apostille page.

Note: CeDiplomas (available for graduates from Spring 2017 to present) may be accepted as a certified diploma in place of an Apostille.

Wearing cap and gown your student submitted photos is optional; however, it can be purchased by visiting the UChicago Bookstore website. Additionally, graduates can order apparel and accessories, class rings, and graduate announcements.

Ordering Your Cap and Gown

  1. Visit the academic regalia website
  2. Review instructions and click on “Let’s get started”
  3. Select “Master Package – Ship to Home”
  4. Select “Complete Packages”. Then select Degree – “Master Degrees – All Other”
  5. Input your height, weight, and other requested information
  6. Choose Accessories (Optional)
  7. Proceed to Checkout

Academic hoods are mailed to all graduates’ diploma mailing address as a gift from the Graham School. If you need to update this address, please follow the directions provided in Graduation Procedures.

More info on ordering academic regalia

Please review the following information to help prepare for participation in graduation activities:

  1. Apply for Graduation by visiting For instructions on how to apply please see “Graduation Procedures.”
  2. Participate in Countdown to Convocation.
  3. Order cap and gown (optional).
  4. Watch your email for additional participation instructions.

Additional questions? Visit the UChicago Convocation siteFAQ page, or email