Creative Writing

After March 2015, the Graham School will no longer accept Creative Writing applications. Many certificate programs have a natural lifespan and this program will not offer courses after Spring Quarter 2016. We will continue to offer open enrollment Writer's Studio courses.

About the Program

Certificate students develop a substantial body of work in novel, short story, or creative nonfiction through 4 ten-week workshops that culminate in 15 weeks of one-on-one instruction. They also take multigenre electives, give a public reading of their work, and participate in a publishing seminar.

In order to be awarded the Certificate in Creative Writing, a student must satisfactorily complete the following program requirements:

  • Four core curriculum courses in the student's chosen genre
  • Two electives
  • An individually mentored tutorial
  • A final project
  • Public reading from the student's work

Visit the Certificate Curriculum page for more information on the Creative Writing Certificate Program and to view courses.