Writer’s Studio


Many of our classes are workshop-based, focusing on the creation of new or revised work alongside discussion of student and published writing. For beginners, we suggest starting with introductory courses such as Basic Creative Writing, Introduction to Creative Nonfiction, Introduction to Dramatic Writing, etc.

For writers with more experience, we invite you to sign up for our advanced courses, including Advanced Prose Workshop, Advanced Short Story Writing, etc. Classes that are not clearly distinguished as beginner or advanced are generally intermediate.

How to Register

There is no need to apply for admission to our classes. Simply register for the courses that interest you. 

We do encourage students to choose courses based on their level of experience, as we offer writing classes ranging in levels from introductory to advanced.

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WRIT51800 Summer | Autumn | Winter

Basic Creative Writing

This course will introduce you to creative writing, from generating ideas to revising drafts. Find your voice and develop your craft through in-class and at-home writing exercises, and through...

WRIT32805 Winter

Emotion, Expression, and Experience: Translating Thought into Action

Powerful writing translates abstract thought and feeling into concrete image and action. Explore how to bring emotions like joy, wonder, grief to life on the page, and what writers and readers alike...

WRIT31800 Autumn

Fiction Writing Essentials

Explore essential aspects of fiction such as plot, dialogue, character, and setting. Reading and writing assignments will help us understand how we can use these building blocks in our own work and...

WRIT42404 Autumn

Flash Nonfiction Writing

In this workshop, we will explore the craft issues related to flash nonfiction. Writing shorter pieces of 700-1,000 words, will allow you to work on intensity of language, wrapping an idea in a...

WRIT32406 Winter

Focus on Fiction

This course will advance your understanding of fiction writing through lecture, discussion, eclectic readings, in-class and at-home writing exercises, as well as discussions of your own and your...

WRIT32203 Autumn

Grow Your Novel

This class is open to all fiction genres and is designed to assist writers in the early stages of their novel. Students with a few pages and an idea, and students with hundreds of pages are welcome...

WRIT51801 Autumn

High Impact Writing

In this workshop, we will strive to write for what audiences want now: to be in the moment with vibrant characters embroiled in tumultuous change amid social, economic, and natural environments...

WRIT52613 Autumn

Imitation: the Sincerest Way to Improve

In this class, we'll study a few exemplary pieces of nonfiction and fiction and copy aspects of them: their structure, their elements, their sentence structure. The point is to get inside the work to...

WRIT52614 Winter

Imitations for Improvement - Stories

Students will analyze a simple and perfect story, "Bliss," by Katherine Mansfield. This is a close third-person story written more than a century ago by a masterful short-story writer and admirer of...

WRIT41800 Autumn

Introduction to Creative Nonfiction

Try your hand at writing literary journalism, memoir, and the personal essay. We will study the intricacies of craft, with special emphasis on the importance of narrative voice and the myriad ways...