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Basic Program

Since its founding in 1946, the Basic Program of Liberal Education for Adults has been at the forefront of non-credit lifelong liberal arts education in the United States. Today, it represents the Graham School’s deepest connection to the University of Chicago tradition and emphasizes the development of critical thinking, communication, enquiry, and cross-cultural understanding.

Your gift to the Basic Program will help sustain life-long liberal arts learning, provide scholarships to increase access, support Basic Program instructors, and support continued program development.

How you can help

  • Professional Development for Basic Program Instructors:  Central to the success of the Basic Program has been its staff of instructors facilitating content and conversation. With your support, we can provide the Basic Program with the resources necessary to support new staff training and mentoring, the annual instructor retreat, and review and development of the Basic Program core curriculum. 
  • Scholarships:  Central to the mission of the Basic Program is to make the liberal arts accessible to a broader audience. Through scholarships, students are able to experience the University of Chicago and join its academic community. With your support, we will be able to expand our scholarship offerings to a diverse audience, providing a transformative opportunity through the great conversation. 
  • Basic Program Endowment: Support of the Basic Program endowment will ensure the suitability and longevity of the program, the Core curriculum, and its instructors. To learn more about the endowment, please contact Andriana Scaramella at

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When completing the form specify Basic Program and which of the three areas above you would like your donation to be contributed in the Special Instructions box at the bottom of the form.