The Graham Circle

The Graham Circle recognizes supporters who provide $1,000 or more annually to the Graham School’s mission of expanding lifelong learning and extending the University's intellectual resources and distinctive scholarly approach.


Black, wrought-iron Hull Gate on University of Chicago campus in autumn.

Circle members directly uplift the lives of learners through their philanthropy, as well as inspire others to give generously.

Benefits of Circle membership

  • Exclusive invitation to an annual Circle gathering designed to explore the importance of Graham’s mission.
  • Invitations to select Graham programs and events aimed at fostering connection across Graham’s extraordinary supporters.
  • Access to select University programs.
  • Ongoing opportunities to interact with the Graham Dean, elective faculty, instructors, and staff.

For more information on ways to give or if you have questions, email Andriana Scaramella.

Why I Give to Graham

Every member of our Graham community has a unique reason for giving. We asked six members of the Graham Circle to share why they give and here is what they told us:

Headshot of Kate Coleman

"I think, that at its best, learning takes place within a community. A community that is committed to intellectual rigor and discussion, a community that is led by experts. For me and I hope for you, the Graham School has been just such a community, I cannot imagine my adult life without it. So I hope you will join me in advocating for everything this school stands for."
Kate Coleman

Headshot of George Mann

"The Graham School offers opportunities for close study of great literature with wonderful instructors. The atmosphere is enriched by a community of students with a compelling interest in broadening their knowledge. Exploring new ideas and reawakening old experiences is a wonderful adventure."
George Mann

Headshot of Basic Program graduate Kevin Russell

"I love everything about the Basic Program and its alumni courses—the timeless readings, the thought-provoking guidance of talented instructors, the illuminating exchanges with fellow students. Over time I have come to appreciate how fortunate I am to have ready access to the highest-quality liberal arts courses under the leadership of the Graham School at the University of Chicago. I happily invest in the Graham School with the expectation that it will grow and prosper for the benefit
of other interested lifelong students."
Kevin Russell

Headshot of Basic Program Graduate Hope Sheffield

"The Basic Program gave me the chance to take a cohesive liberal arts program with motivated fellow students and outstanding instructors, a course load that I didn't have time for and wouldn't have appreciated in college. The rigorous reading and dialogue put my brain to work, and the content helped me grapple with the problem of what it means to be human. It made my life better. I give to express my appreciation to the instructors, and to help preserve the program for myself
and for others."
Hope Sheffield

Headshot of Larry Shiff

"It is my pleasure and joy to make philanthropic contributions to this extraordinary school. The Basic Program and all the various alumni classes I’ve enjoyed over the years have enriched my life immeasurably. The quality of instructors, the insightful, civil discourse among my classmates (and now many friends), and the intellectual energy generated is beyond words. For me it is a great privilege to re-engage with so many texts that I read years ago ...and to discover a number of texts that I’m reading for the
first time. Hats off to lifelong learning!"
Larry Shiff

Headshot of Basic Program alumna Virginia Tobiason

"I think very highly of the Basic Program, and I believe the liberal arts need to be supported… This program has been so valuable to me. The instructors are truly committed; you make new friends and get new views. It’s been a real plus in my life."
Virginia Tobiason