Health and Fitness

Maintaining a healthy mind and body is one of the keys to success and well-being. We at the Graham School and the University embrace this philosophy and hope that you will make the most of services and benefits we offer to support a healthy lifestyle.

Medical/Health Access (Some credit and all degree students)

University Student Health Insurance Plan (USHIP)

Graham School students who are enrolled in insurance eligible programs are charged a quarterly Student Life Fee and must confirm or waive USHIP coverage no later than the 4th Friday of every quarter.  Insurance eligible programs include:

  • Graduate Student at Large
  • Returning Scholar
  • Urban Teacher Education Program

Students in programs that are exempt from USHIP have the option to opt-in for coverage. Opt-In programs include:

  • Master of Liberal Arts
  • Master of Science, Analytics
  • Master of Science, Threat & Response Management
  • Returning Scholar, Graham in GSB
  • Masters in Biomedical Infomatics

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  • On-campus Gyms (Credit, Noncredit Certificate, and Degree Students)
    While registered as students, access the state-of-the-art facilities of Ratner Athletics Center and Henry Crown Field House as well as the variety of fitness class programs they offer. Noncredit certificate students pay a quarterly fee.