Basic Program of Liberal Education

Basic Program of Liberal Education

Open-to-All Courses

Our open-to-all courses provide students an opportunity to experience aspects of the Basic Program without committing to the full four years of the Certificate. Courses range from 3 to 10 weeks and are offered year round.


Open-to-all Courses

Our open-to-all provide students with an opportunity to study texts using the Basic Program methodology on a course-by-course basis. Click here to learn more about open-to-all courses. 

Summer courses

Summer courses meet for 3 hours once a week, and run between 4 and 8 weeks over Summer Quarter. Click here to learn more about summer courses.

3-week mini courses

3-week mini short courses meet for 1.5 hours once a week prior to the start of Autumn Quarter. Click to learn more about 3-week mini courses.