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Online Business Analytics Curriculum

The online Business Analytics curriculum capitalizes on the University of Chicago’s expertise and resources in teaching analytical skills that will enable students to accelerate their careers. Students will learn by analyzing real business problems individually and in virtual teams while benefitting from the knowledge and experience of their instructors and peers.

The Business Analytics certificate consists of two components: business intelligence and business analytics. The business intelligence courses develop students’ ability to work with data to evaluate and understand what has and is happening within the business. The business analytics courses develop students’ analytical skills to drive impactful insights from data by using standard statistical software tools.

Program Structure

The Business Analytics certificate consists of four required online courses:

Business Intelligence Courses

  • Exploring Data to Evaluate Business Practices: Databases and Reporting
  • Exploring Data to Evaluate Business Practices: Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualization

Business Analytics Courses

  • Data Analysis for Evidence Based Decision Making
  • Data Mining for Evidence Based Decision Making

The total cost of all four courses in the Business Analytics certificate is $7,000. The certificate may be completed in two academic quarters.

Business Analytics Curriculum

Business analytics courses

The courses include online course content, activities, and assessments. In addition, classes will meet virtually in a weekly one-hour synchronous session where students interact with the course instructor and each other. This combination of content accessible anytime combined with weekly synchronous sessions provides flexibility, while assuring that students enjoy the benefits of interactive learning experience.

Business Analytics Courses


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