Student Life and Services: Office of the Dean of Students

As a student at the Graham School, you are immersed in the premier academic experience that is the University of Chicago. Become a part of a diverse, thriving community and take advantage of all the opportunities and privileges the Graham School and the University have to offer.

Our student body is composed of all types of students and participants. Explore the categories below to see which you belong to. Why is this important? The University and Graham School extend many opportunities and privileges based on your student category and the courses you take.

  • You are a noncredit student if you are taking Open Enrollment courses or if you are a single course registrant in a certificate program. Some certificate programs allow an individual to register for one course without formally being accepted into its program. See the main page of the certificate program to see if this option is available.
  • You are a credit student if you are taking courses through any of these programs:
    • Graduate Student-at-Large
      • The Graduate Student-at-Large program enables students to take undergraduate or graduate credit courses at the University of Chicago for grade and credit.
    • Returning Scholar
      • The Returning Scholar program enables students to audit undergraduate or graduate credit courses at the University of Chicago.
    • Summer Session
      • High school students, visiting students, UC students, and other adults may take summer courses for grade and credit.


If you are an international student, specific regulations and conditions may apply. Please visit our International page for more information.

Questions about your program or course of study should be directed to your program staff.