Student Life and Services: Office of the Dean of Students

As a student at the University of Chicago, we encourage you to enjoy all that the Graham School and University has to offer you.

The Graham School student body is very diverse. Because of our numerous student groups, there are some opportunities, policies, and privileges that apply to all Graham School students, and others which apply to only some. If you have any questions about what is applicable to you or if you cannot locate information, please contact us.

As you read through this section of the site, keep in mind what type of student you are. At the Graham School, we have a four distinct student groups. Students who are:

  • Registered for non-credit courses
  • Registered for graduate-level or undergraduate-level courses in non-degree, non-certificate programs
  • Certificate-seeking students
  • Degree-seeking students

Questions about your program or course of study should be directed to your program staff.