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Visual Arts

Visual Arts students looking at art work in a gallery.

Jason Foumberg Discusses Upcoming Writing Class for Visual Arts Certificate

An ability to write clearly and persuasively has become a necessary component to one’s professionalization as an artist. Learn more >

The Visual Arts Certificate Program helps emerging and mid-career artists access practical information and resources that allow them to enhance the success of their current artistic practice. Over the course of five quarters, the program helps you to further your art practice while developing practical, focused skills in your writing ability, business practices, exhibition strategies and communication techniques. Throughout this time, we aim to foster a sense of community, and to offer artists a positive space to engage in critical dialogue with others working in the arts.

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Program Structure

  • The program can be completed over five quarters; courses do not have to be taken in order.

Note: For interested students, courses can be taken individually.

Program Requirements

In order to earn a certificate, the student must complete five courses, including four professional development courses, and one studio component.

Professional Development Courses:

  • Writing – Identify the different types of writing that are most necessary and effective in the arts community, and develop strategies to create engaging artist statements, reviews, press releases, applications and proposals.
  • Business – Create an individualized action plan tailored to self-identified goals in order to work towards your unique definition of a successful practice.
  • Curating – Learn how to produce a contemporary art exhibition for a public audience while examining some of the current issues surrounding the curatorial profession.
  • Teaching – Foster a symbiotic relationship between your studio practice and your teaching practice through investigating, questioning, researching and creating interdisciplinary practices.

Studio Courses:

Students must complete one studio component through the Hyde Park Art Center. Students can choose between:

  1. The Center Program - a competitive six-month program including access to space to develop studio practice, inclusion in critical dialogues, guidance from professionals in the field, and a platform to show new works to a broader, diverse audience.
  2. The Bridge Program - a fast-paced ten-week program featuring an intensive, small-group setting to refine project ideas, better articulate the central concerns of your practice, deepen the conceptual grounding of your work, and situate your practice within a wider art world context.

Please indicate your selected studio component on your application form.

Once you have completed all requirements, you may request your certificate.

Our Mission

Throughout the program, we aim to foster a sense of community, and to offer artists a positive space to engage in critical dialogue with others working in the arts.Each of the modules is deigned to provide hands-on experience in a supportive and inclusive community.

Application Requirements

  • Completed Application
  • Current resume/CV
  • Artist Biography or Artist Statement (250 words or less)
  • Images of your work or a link to your website/portfolio

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