Medical Writing and Editing for medical writers. Learn how to become a medical writer

Medical Writing and Editing

Career Outcomes / Resources for Medical Writing and Editing

Driven by expansion of scientific and technical products, as well as web-based product support, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an above-average growth rate in the employment of technical writers for the upcoming years.

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Medical writers often begin with a background in science and then acquire writing skills, or they have a writing or English degree to which they add a comprehension of medical terminology. While medical writers often develop editing skills and move on to an editor position, strong computer skills in electronic publishing, graphics, and web design software are important contributors to success in this field either way.

Potential Job Titles for Medical Writers and Editors

  • Medical Writer/Editor
  • Technical Editor
  • Content Specialist
  • Regulatory Writer/Editor

Average Salaries for a Medical Writer and Medical Editor

According to Glassdoor, the salary for a medical writer averages around $80,000, while medical editor salaries average out at $70,000.