Student looking through microscope

Clinical Trials Management and Regulatory Compliance

Instructors for Clinical Trials

The instructors who teach in the University of Chicago Graham School Clinical Trials Management and Regulatory Compliance Certificate come from labs and organizations throughout the medical trials process. They have developed and tested pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and other therapies that have been launched globally. Their diverse experience makes them both excellent instructors and career coaches for students entering the medical testing field. Their practical experience translates into clinical trials management instruction that prepares our learners to enter a growing field that demands skilled employees who will excel in a highly controlled and regulated work environment.

Our instructor’s professional roles have ranged from managing the finances and administrative responsibilities of organizations conducting clinical trials to developing, executing, and reporting on and presenting trial results. Their exposure to and experience with every phase of the clinical trials process helps our learners map their own careers in this complex and ever-evolving industry.