Master of Science in Threat and Response Management, Business Continuity Planning, Disaster Recovery

Master of Science in Threat and Response Management

Threat and Response Management Capstone Projects

Master of Science in Threat and Response Management Student Capstone Projects

As a culminating experience in the program, MScTRM students complete a capstone project. Students draw on the knowledge, skills and experiences that they have gained in the program to produce original and applied academic research that solves a real-world emergency management problem.

Students work in teams, alongside a faculty advisor, to complete their capstone project during their second year in the program.

  • In Autumn, students develop their research proposals.
  • In Winter, students implement their projects, conducting their research and analyzing results.
  • In Spring, students write their capstone projects and present their research at our annual Capstone Showcase.

Examples of previous capstone research include:

  • 10kT Improvised Nuclear Device: Are Chicago’s Hospitals Prepared?
  • An Investigation of Current Guidance for Private Sector; Planning, Preparedness and Perceived Threat of Virulent Influenza Pandemic
  • Civilian Response to Active Shooter Incidents – Knowing What To Do, No Matter Where You Are
  • Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? Social Intelligence, Poverty Data, and a Comprehensive Approach to all Hazards
  • Risk Assessment and Resource allocation for Dam Safety in the Cascadia Subduction Zone
  • Understanding the Relationship Between Natural Disasters and Violent Conflicts