Emergency Management Masters degree students

Master of Science in Threat and Response Management

Threat and Response Management Capstone Projects

Emergency Management Capstone Projects

As a culminating experience in the program, MScTRM students complete a capstone project. Students draw on the knowledge, skills and experiences that they have gained in the program to produce original and applied academic research that solves a real-world emergency management problem.

Students work in teams, alongside a faculty advisor, to complete their capstone project during their second year in the program.

  • In Autumn, students develop their research proposals
  • In Winter, students implement their projects, conducting their research and analyzing results
  • In Spring, students write their capstone projects and present their research at our annual Capstone Showcase

Examples of Capstone Research

Signal-Detecting Drone for Earthquake Response

emergency management drone

Interested in uncovering a use for unmanned arial vehicle technologies, or drones, that might de-stigmatize the popular image they’ve acquired through their military use abroad, TRM capstone students sought to outfit a drone with a signal-detecting device capable of locating cellphone signals as a way to improve the detection of humans following a major earthquake. Read more about the signal-detecting drone project.

Previous Capstone Project Titles:

  • 10kT Improvised Nuclear Device: Are Chicago’s Hospitals Prepared?
  • An Investigation of Current Guidance for Private Sector; Planning, Preparedness and Perceived Threat of Virulent Influenza Pandemic
  • Civilian Response to Active Shooter Incidents – Knowing What To Do, No Matter Where You Are
  • Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? Social Intelligence, Poverty Data, and a Comprehensive Approach to all Hazards
  • Risk Assessment and Resource allocation for Dam Safety in the Cascadia Subduction Zone
  • Understanding the Relationship Between Natural Disasters and Violent Conflicts