Slate Resources

Welcome to the Graham School Slate Resources section. Please navigate through the sections below to find resources that will help you work in Slate.

Slate Basics

The documents below describe the basic components of Slate.

Introduction to Slate

Searching for a Student Record

Sending and Resending Emails in Slate

Slate Reader Guide

Using Queries

Queries are a powerful tool for accessing information contained within the Slate database. The documents below provide information on how to create and use queries.

Introduction to Queries

Queries - Establishing a Default

Exporting a Batch of Application PDFs

Adding Decisions

Adding a Gap Year

Decision Tree Diagram

Decision Trees

Changing an Applicants Round, Degree Program, or Entry term

Cloning an Application to a New Round

Changing an Application's Round

Round or Degree Program update

Communicating Through Slate

Emailing through Slate

Training Documents/Videos

Financial Resources Statement Instructions

Slate User Group Training Session 1/27/2017

Training Documents

Training Videos (Decisions, Forms and Events, Deliver)


View and register for upcoming Slate training sessions or user groups.


Training Calendar