UChicago Lab Coat with Stethoscope

A Roundtable Discussion Series @Graham: COVID-19, Healthcare, and Beyond

Wednesdays, February 10, 17, & 24
6:30-8 PM, CT

The COVID-19 pandemic has tested, stretched, and challenged the healthcare infrastructure of the United States. Indeed, this disease has been referred to as a ‘canary in the coalmine’ because of the way that it has exposed gaps in healthcare systems and revealed biases in access and care according to race, ethnicity, and class. This healthcare crisis serves as a vivid reminder that achieving healthy bodies and healthy minds requires long-term investments across a spectrum of institutions and activities.

This discussion series, which is free and open to all, explores healthcare in the context of the pandemic. Featuring frontline doctors and healthcare experts from the University of Chicago Medical Center, these roundtables offer a view on COVID-19 from within the hospital. We also investigate the pandemic’s effects on specific diseases, such as diabetes, and assess COVID-19’s impact on mental health and community healthcare initiatives. We furthermore consider the disease from the vantage of global health.  

Throughout the series, presenters show how COVID-19 not only deepens the need for creative approaches to research, treatments, and outreach, but also how the pandemic has transformed the foundations upon which these efforts take place.


Dr. Doriane Miller, University of Chicago Medical Center and Associate Professor of Medicine

Dr. Doriane Miller is a general internist who has been providing care to under-served minority populations for thirty years. In addition to her role as a primary care physician, she has a special interest in behavioral health. Under her leadership, physicians, educators and community members work to improve population health outcomes for residents on the South Side of Chicago through community-engaged research and service. Dr. Miller's research focuses on the intersection of health disparities and race. She has served as the project director for several studies designed to augment care by promoting collaboration among physicians, patients, and families. Dr. Miller earned her MD from the University of Chicago’s Pritzker School of Medicine. 

Professor Emily Lynn Osborn, Interim Dean, Graham School, and Associate Professor, Department of History, University of Chicago

Emily Lynn Osborn is the Interim Dean of the Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies. She is a professor in the Department of History and faculty co-chair of the Committee on African Studies. She also serves as the Faculty Director of the University of Chicago’s Study Abroad program in Senegal, West Africa. 

Each session will consist of one hour of discussion, followed by thirty minutes of question and answer with audience members.