Master of Liberal Arts


MLAP 33501 Autumn

Ethnographic Traditions

This class will introduce students to the practice of ethnographic field work, or participant observation research. Students will read works on the practice of ethnography and actual ethnographic...

MLAP 33004 Autumn

Foundations of Humanistic Inquiry

This course offers an introduction to advanced study in the Humanities across a range of fields, including poetry, philosophy, fiction, and film. We will have three main goals. The first is to develop...

MLAP 34210 Autumn

Greek Drama at the Movies

Western theater, as an art form and a cultural institution, traces its origin back to the Greek tragedies and comedies produced two and a half millennia ago by poets and citizen choruses competing for...

MLAP 34860 Autumn

Human Rights and the Meaning of Work

This interdisciplinary course explores work -- free and unfree -- and the experience of working people from the vantage point of human rights. With an eye to current debates about equity, the course...

MLAP 33350 Autumn

The Normal and the Pathological: Sickness, Care, and Wellbeing Across Cultures

Taking its title from an important text by historian and philosopher of medicine Georges Canguilhem, this class considers how sickness, care, and wellbeing have been differently understood and...