Student listening to headphones and studying.We offer three of our certificate programs in an online format, for students who live outside of Chicago, or who prefer to continue their studies online.

Our online programs have the same curriculum and quality instruction as our on-ground programs, with weekly synchronous sessions to allow students to have a classroom experience in a virtual setting.

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We are offering a new online course: History of Islam June 4–25. This online course begins with pre-Islamic historical and cultural background before discussing the Qur’an and the life of Muhammad. The course concludes with a look at the Islamic Golden Age, when the Muslim world experienced cultural innovations in science, mathematics, medicine, literature, philosophy, and art. Read the full description and register online.

The Graham School has offered instruction in editing and the Chicago Manual of Style for over 20 years...

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This certificate program provides comprehensive training across the entire clinical trials process from the perspective of the clinical study site as well as...

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Certificate and Medical Writing and Editing is designed to teach students the fundamentals and best practices of crisp, clear, and sophisticated medical...

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