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The Translation Studies program will close after the 2014-15 academic year. No new students will be accepted into the program. Current students will have one year to complete the program. All courses necessary for completion are scheduled for 2014-15. Current students can contact Kathleen Fabiny for more information at

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About the Program

The Translation Studies program is a 4-course part-time certificate focusing on legal, medical and financial translation. The program offers several benefits for students:

  • Unique hybrid courses - each course is first a 3-day seminar followed by an online practicum or final project
  • Students can choose from one of our six different language tracks
  • Study in an ATA approved program

Program Structure

Courses are offered in a unique hybrid format. Each begins with a 3-day seminar followed by an online practicum or final project.

We offer 6 different possible language tracks*

  • Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, and German into English
  • English into Spanish.

*Students should translate into their native language; i.e., an English speaker should translate from Spanish into English.

Program Requirements

To earn a Certificate in Translation Studies, students should complete two required courses and two elective courses.

To earn an Advanced Translation Studies Certificate, students should complete two required courses and four elective courses.

All students are required to begin the program with Introduction to Translation Studies, Translation Tools for Business, or Project Management for Translators which are offered 2-3 times a school year.

Required Courses
  • Introduction to Translation Studies
  • Translation Tools for Business
 Elective Courses
  • Legal Translation
  • Project Management for Translators
  • Medical Translation
  • Financial Translation
  • Building a Successful Freelance

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