Artifact Collection Care

The Artifact Collection Care program will retire in January 2016, and the 2015 certificate students have already been selected. Individual classes are open and available to anyone who wishes to take them. If you have any questions, please contact Nikki Yagoda at

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About the Program

With instructors drawn from the leading cultural organizations throughout Chicago, you will be offered exclusive, behind-the-scenes experiences with historical objects, photographs, papers, textiles, art, and other items.  You will learn how to :

  • Track and organize collections
  • Handle and label objects
  • Prepare objects for storage
  • Protect objects from light and other environmental damage

Upon completion of the Certificate, you will have developed techniques to manage a variety of collections, even with limited resources.

Program Structure

The ACCCP can be completed in one calendar year, or the courses can be taken over multiple years. In order to receive the Certificate, you must complete all four core courses along with two elective courses of your own choosing.  Courses can be also taken on an individual basis, without applying for the Certificate.  To better accommodate working schedules, courses are offered during weekends or evenings.

Program Requirements

Each student must complete

Four Core Courses
  • Protecting the Collection: Environmental Factors
  • Collections Policy and Procedure
  • Display, Storage and Use I
  • Display, Storage and Use II
Any Two Elective Courses
  • Basics of Materials: Paper and Book
  • Digitizing Collections
  • Exhibitions Development and Design
  • Basics of Materials: Photography
  • Grant Writing

Once you have completed all requirements, you may request your certificate.


This program is no longer accepting applications.

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