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Jumana Al Mahamid holds a masters in international education with an emphasis on teaching Arabic as a second language. She has taught Arabic in Chicago and Jordan, led study abroad programs in the Middle East, and developed colloquial Arabic manuals.
Adrian De Gifis holds a PhD in Islamic thought from the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations at the University of Chicago. His areas of specialization include Islamic political thought, Islamic sectarianism, history and historiography, and classical Arabic literature.
Vanessa De Gifis earned her PhD in Near Eastern languages and civilizations from UChicago and is assistant professor of Islamic studies at Wayne State University. Her research focuses on Qur'anic hermeneutics, the influence of the Qur'an on Muslim intellectual traditions, and Arabic-Islamic literary culture in the early 'Abbasid period.
Dina Farag grew up in Alexandria, Egypt, and has taught Arabic as a second language since 2007. Her interests include modern Arabic Egyptian novelists such as Ihsan Abd al-Quddus and Bahaa Taher
Laurel Harig is a graduate student in Islamic studies at the University of Chicago Divinity School. Her interests include anthropology of religion, literature and creative writing, religion and politics, and Islam and authority.
Nathaniel Miller is a PhD student in Arabic language and literature at the University of Chicago Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations. He was awarded four Department of Education fellowships to study Arabic in the U.S. and Cairo.