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New 8-week online course from The University of Chicago supports a paradigm shift in healthcare

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The University of Chicago fuels the (r)evolution of health care with a new online course

Over the past 30 years, healthcare informatics has emerged as an independent and rigorous discipline. Due to the rapid growth of clinical information systems, networked healthcare platforms, high-throughput genomic technologies, and consumer and public health informatics, the demand for knowledgeable and experienced staff and faculty has far outpaced the number of available trainees.

The Graham School at the University of Chicago serves as the center of innovative lifelong learning at the University and, in collaboration with GetSmarter, is announcing an online short course on healthcare informatics.

The eight-week program, drawing on the resources of University of Chicago faculty and programs in genomic research, translational medicine, and computation, is designed to give those contemplating a move into healthcare informatics an in-depth overview of the field’s key topics as well as a chance to practice and explore particular areas of interest.

Why choose healthcare informatics?

The number of jobs in healthcare informatics is quickly outpacing available trainees. “There are simply not enough well-qualified biomedical informaticians to handle the torrents of data being collected throughout healthcare,” says Samuel Volchenboum, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Director of the Center for Research Informatics at the University of Chicago, as well as Course Convener for the Healthcare Informatics online short course.

“The key in the next ten years will be understanding how to use and apply data. Not too long ago, clinicians who understood a bit about computers would take on the role of informaticians. But the world is becoming more and more complex, and much higher levels of training and understanding are required in the healthcare landscape of today. What we’re trying to do at the University of Chicago is help prepare people become part of the informatics workforce at all different levels.”

“There are simply not enough well-qualified biomedical informaticians to handle the torrents of data being collected throughout healthcare.”

Taking a fundamental and holistic approach to biomedical informatics, the healthcare informatics course will cover the key concepts, theories, applications, and policies relating to the field. This course will also cover the practical components required to work within the field as well the innovation and entrepreneurial opportunities that exist both in biomedical informatics and healthcare in general.

How does learning with UChicago and GetSmarter set you apart?

The University of Chicago has driven new ways of thinking and learning since 1890. Our commitment to free and open inquiry draws inspired scholars to our global campuses, where ideas are born that challenge and change the world. Some of the early work linking genetics to cancer was performed at the University of Chicago. This, accompanied by UChicago’s impressive research portfolio and its reputation for being a health research thought leader, makes it the ideal institution for learning about healthcare informatics.

GetSmarter’s personalized support model of online learning, and their utilization of leading-edge learning technology, has consistently achieved unrivalled average course completion rates of 90% across a portfolio of 60+ courses from the world’s leading universities.

“Working with GetSmarter offers us the ability to share our expertise in healthcare informatics with a broader audience to increase the impact of our program and to offer a top-quality learning experience to students around the globe.” - Suzanne Cox, program director in biomedical informatics education

GetSmarter’s Student Performance Team builds relationships with students through extensive personal support and facilitates student-to-student relationships with small-group discussions, collaborative project work, live classroom sessions, and community-building tools.

This tailored approach to online learning, combined with course content backed by the prestige of the University of Chicago, has resulted in a short course that innovates through both material and design.

The University of Chicago Healthcare Informatics online short course launches in July. Visit the course page to find out more about what you’ll learn, how you’ll learn, and who you’ll learn from.