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MScTRM Welcomes New Instructor


To those of you who have taken Complex Adaptive Systems for Emergency Preparedness and Homeland Security, our newest instructor, Ignacio Martinez-Moyano needs no introduction. He has joined Charles Macal in the classroom for many years and for Winter 2018 they are switching places, with Ignacio leading Complex Adaptive Systems for Emergency Preparedness and Homeland Security as it becomes a core course for first-year students.

Ignacio J Martinez-Moyano is Computational Social Scientist and Socio-technical Systems Section leader in the Systems Science Center of the Global Security Sciences Division at Argonne National Laboratory. Ignacio is also a Senior Fellow at the Computation Institute of The University of Chicago and at the Institute for Science and Engineering of Northwestern University. Ignacio is President of the System Dynamics Society and is member of the Editorial Board of the System Dynamics Review. Ignacio’s research focuses on the effects of human judgment and decision making on behavior in complex and dynamic systems, particularly under conditions of uncertainty, stress, and high consequence. Ignacio’s research work has been published in Organization Science, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation (TOMACS), and the System Dynamics Review, among others. Dr. Martinez-Moyano holds a Ph.D. in Decision and Policy Sciences from the University at Albany, State University of New York.

Moving forward both Ignacio and Charles Macal will be teaching in the MScTRM program. Charles Macal will continue to teach Complex Adaptive Systems for Emergency Preparedness and Homeland Security and Ignacio will teach the new elective course Modeling and Simulation for Policy Analysis and Design.


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