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Curricular Updates Autumn 2018

New Certificate

New Certificate: Conscious Leadership and Team Management

The Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies is launching a new, fully online certificate in Conscious Leadership and Team Management. This two-course program opened for registration after Thanksgiving. It is designed for an audience of emerging leaders, supervisors, and managers seeking introductory skill development in team management and leadership growth.

The Conscious Leadership and Team Management certificate is grounded in evidence-based leadership theory and management principles that employ a multiprong approach to leadership, the handling of complex problems, and navigating change. Students will learn specific practices and tools to understand and improve upon their leadership style to demonstrate trust, manage people’s threat perceptions, and shape the culture and norms of their groups/teams. Furthermore, these skills will assist them to develop incentives that will enhance motivation, engagement, and performance while promoting an environment of learning and mastery.

The first course, Leading from Within, is set to begin in March 2019. In this course, students will have an opportunity to explore and learn core skills and techniques that are instrumental to effective leadership and management.  They will delve into the personal journey of identifying their strengths, style, and values—all necessary components to foster resilience and emotional intelligence within themselves and across their organization. This course offers a deep dive into managerial self-assessment through strategies and techniques aiming at:

  • Evaluating your leadership role within the complex systems of your organization
  • Understanding effective leadership and motivation techniques as supported by rigorous research
  • Identifying your leadership style to provide you with insights into your problem-solving, decision-making, conflict resolution, teamwork, and communication skills
  • Combining emotional intelligence and psychological capital to better connect with others as a leader

In the second course, Achieving Leadership Success Through Team Optimization, participants will further apply the techniques and strategies learned in the first course to develop their “leading” potential. Strategic leaders in today’s complex organizations understand that harnessing the power of their team’s unique skills and talents is far more productive than honing in on individual contributions. To do this, effective leaders have the ability to communicate effectively, build relationships, persuade, and adapt and succeed during turbulent times. In this course, students will practice skills that foster adaptive and resilient teams and generate an environment of creativity and innovation. Specific skill areas include: engaging and motivating others, enhancing performance, coaching techniques, and conflict resolution. Through this course, students will have an opportunity to:

  • Employ techniques for enhancing the performance of individuals on your team
  • Analyze practices to build emotionally intelligent teams
  • Examine methods for supporting teams through challenging situations



PDC Curricular Updates

Online progression for our Marketing and Finance Certificates

In November, we introduced the online progression of two certificates:

Registration for the online program progression is open for 2019 courses. This responds to a demand from our local audience looking for self-paced learning flexibility, as well as our national audience interested in the professional development opportunities offered through our certificates. Online courses in the Marketing certificate are six weeks in length while online courses in the Financial Management and Decision-Making certificate are eight weeks. Similar to other online certificates, weekly asynchronous work will be paired with synchronous sessions through our digital conferencing platform, Zoom. This hybrid educational model has been quite successful with our audience since its implementation in 2011.

After ongoing technical updates to our Learning Management System, Canvas, over the past two years, we are now in a position to offer online engagement tools conducive to building a stronger student experience, while meeting the self-paced studying flexibility our continuing education students need in order to be in school.


Digital Marketing and Integrated Communications Curricular Map


Digital Marketing curriculum map


Core Courses

* Can be bypassed with adequate professional experience (5 + years of experience in a variety of marketing functions). Students who bypass Successful Marketing will complete a total of three electives to earn the certificate.


Elective Courses (Two Required)

Choice of two electives, three if Successful Marketing is bypassed.


Financial Management and Decision-Making Curricular Map


Financial Decision Making curriculum



Financial Management and Decision-Making students engage with essential finance theory and skills as they complete their three required core courses and two electives. 


Core Courses

*Financial Accounting must be completed before Corporate Finance


Elective Courses (Two Required)



Medical Writing and Editing

Following the completion of its full curriculum redesign earlier this year, the new Medical Writing and Editing certificate was launched this autumn. This six-course certificate also offers an introductory course guide hosted in Canvas that serves as an overview of the medical writing and editing profession.


Medical Writing and Editing Curricular Map


Medical Writing and Editing curriculum map

Core Courses


Elective Courses (One Required)


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