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“If you feel you’ve ‘arrived,’ you’ve actually stopped.”

Sara Hayden

As a burgeoning marketing professional, I was encouraged to attend a webinar conducted by Dr. Samantha Coleman to learn more about the Conscious Leadership and Team Management certificate offered at the Graham School. Though I had a general idea of the expected outcomes of this certificate, I found that my prior perspectives on leadership expanded during this engaging and thought-provoking webinar.

“If you feel you’ve ‘arrived,’ you’ve actually stopped.”

Dr. Coleman deftly navigated the subject matter, describing a curriculum focused on leading from within, crafting an optimal team, and applying strategies for motivational leadership. There was emphasis placed on the value of self-awareness in leadership which expanded into a conversation on continuous self-reflection to improve upon a leadership style. In the words of Dr. Coleman, “If you feel you’ve ‘arrived,’ you’ve actually stopped.”

Throughout the webinar, Dr. Coleman discussed strategies and theories on management that went well beyond simple task delegation, but explored the very human aspects of management and leadership—proving that there is more to the success of a team than adherence to policy and the bottom line. The discussion even took a turn into the biological perspective of emotional intelligence. The aim of this certificate is to equip current and future leaders, regardless of field, with creative leadership tools to maximizing their team’s potential, and if this webinar was any indication, this would indeed be a vital resource in ongoing professional development.

About Sara Hayden

Sara is a customer resolution specialist with the Shared Services Office at the University of Chicago. She completed the Digital Marketing and Integrated Communications certificate in spring 2017, followed by the Essentials of Project Management certificate in autumn 2017.

Sara is an ardent believer in the transformative power of education and has worked in the field of education for over a decade. 


Samantha Coleman

Dr. Samantha Coleman is an award-winning visionary leader, educator, and trained clinician. Coleman’s expertise in leadership, management, systems, culture, career advancement, etc. have found her in the classroom as a professor preparing adult learners for their future careers as scholars and practitioners. She has a talent for formulating information into a framework that creates understanding of core concepts. 

Dr. Coleman is a graduate of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (PhD, Organizational Leadership), Concordia University (MA, Community Counseling) and The University of Illinois at Chicago (BA, Psychology). Her research interests revolve around work engagement and psychological capital.


Designed for emerging leaders, supervisors, and managers who are seeking introductory skill development in team management and leadership growth, the fully online Conscious Leadership and Team Management certificate offers fundamental leadership competencies to build a strong foundation of professional excellence based on self-assessment and leading into team management.

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