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2018 Data Science and Business Analytics Career Fair Connects Students and Employers

Analytics students at the MScA Career fair

The Master of Science in Analytics (MScA) held a Data Science and Business Analytics Career Fair on Thursday, February 1 from 5-9 p.m. at the University of Chicago Gleacher Center. This was the fourth time the much-anticipated annual event occurred but what set this apart from its predecessors was that, for the first time, it was open to students from other quantitative master programs like Computer Science, Statistics, Computational Social Science and Financial Mathematics. Over 300 students representing these academic disciplines attended. The career fair presented an opportunity for students to not only get exposed to careers and jobs in the market, but to also develop their career networks and strengthen existing professional relationships. 

There were over 30 companies from various industries in attendance, including companies like Uber, Enova, Boston Consulting Group, Enodo and many more.  Students were able to interact with the representatives from the companies and explore opportunities available to them pre and post-graduation. The companies in attendance had a vast range of opportunities available, ranging from internships to full-time employment opportunities. The feedback from the companies was highly positive in regards to composure, experience and professional skills of the students as this has come to be expected from students of University of Chicago.

 It was invigorating to see UChicago alumni representing their respective companies, which eased student-employer interactions and provided students with a wealth of information, career advice and professional networks. Apart from the inclusion of other programs, other social elements like refreshments were provided, which is quite uncommon in this kind of event. 

The event was organized by University of Chicago Graham School and UChicagoGrad.