Gain Exposure to New Methods of Pedagogy from Award-winning University of Chicago Faculty

The Master of Liberal Arts (MLA) Program counts many teachers as current students and alumni. A teacher’s experience working with students of different backgrounds and perspectives, their intellectual curiosity, and their commitment to education make them ideal MLA students. Teachers enhance the lively conversations that take place around our seminar table.

In return, the MLA program offers teachers the opportunity to better hone their craft. While studying areas relevant to the subjects they teach, teachers are exposed to diverse styles of pedagogy from award-winning University of Chicago tenured faculty. Similarly, the experience of studying disciplines outside their traditional comfort zones—the English teacher studying black holes and gravitational waves in the New Cosmology course, for instance—sends teachers back to their own classroom more confident in their intellectual agility. In addition, teachers in the program report renewed attention to working with students who may not feel intellectually comfortable or confident in class.

Teachers interested in the MLA are encouraged to peruse our website, reach out to program staff to talk about the opportunities the MLA presents, and read the testimonials of MLA alumni.

Reflecting on her time in the MLA classroom, our student Meggen Saka recalled, "it was so exciting, because as a teacher I knew there were things I could start doing differently in the classroom, new ways I could present literature to my own students that I hadn’t thought about before or even questioned.”

Meggen Saka
High School English Teacher
Master of Liberal Arts, 2015