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Biological & Physical Sciences

Our biological and physical sciences courses range from nanomaterials today to empathy and its neurological implications, highlighting the interdisciplinary nature of our programming.

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Biological and Physical Sciences CANCELED: A Rumor of Empathy in Neuroscience
03/28/2017 to 05/16/2017

HUAS 61001 | CANCELED: A Rumor of Empathy in Neuroscience

A rumor is an unsubstantiated report. This course will pursue the rumor of empathy in neuroscience. The rumor is substantiated – empathy LIVES in neuroscience. But there are some conditions and qualifications. Connecting the dots between the mechanisms of  neurotransmitters and the first person experience of a conversation for possibility in education is complex. This class will do a close reading of the texts that provide the deep structure of the history of empathy along with the “cliff notes / spark notes” version of what you need to know about neuroscience to engage in a meaningful conversation about the issues.

Lou Agosta

Lou Agosta

Lou Agosta

(AB '73, AM '74, PhD '77 UChicago) is the author of three books on empathy, the host of the radio talk show "A Rumor of Empathy," and a teacher at several local colleges.

Course Code: HUAS 61001
Section: 17S1
Location: Gleacher Center
Mar 28 to May 16
Tuition: $360.00
Days/Times: Tue
1:30 PM–4:00 PM

Online Registration Close Date:
March 22, 2017
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