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Student Stories

“The benefits for me have been both professional and personal. The studies at Graham have deepened my intellectual interest in many of the great thinkers in the Western history. At the same time they have made me more open-minded and tolerant of different ways of thinking and doing things, as I see the commonality of mind and needs in all human societies.” - Hong Brunner

“The core BP itself helped fill a lacuna in my education. As a pre-med grind, my three undergraduate years did not afford me much opportunity to really be very exposed to the Humanities per se, and I greatly appreciated the convenient, well-crafted approach to adult education that the University provides through the Graham School. I feel that I am privileged to have been exposed to many of the great minds whose cumulative efforts have been a major part of the groundwork of Western civilization, and to be able, in a small way, to take part in the Great Conversation.” - William R Greenfield MD

“I began the program with an open mind. I was eager to read books that I had not read. My experience with The Basic Program has been overwhelmingly positive. The reading list is exceptionally rich. The program is enhanced by instructors who love what they teach and know the material so well it is beyond my comprehension. I have the utmost respect for my classmates and instructors. We have formed a wonderful bond based on respect. I had no idea that the program would have such a powerful impact on me.” - Jodi Kirsch

"Courses and instructors are outstanding. This program is a life changing experience. Installs critical thinking and is very thought provoking. It has broadened our understanding of civilization, introduced us to authors and concepts which were new to us, improved our selection of books for personal reading changed our thoughts regarding world view, and shown how knowledge of the past can improve future." - Jan & Jim Novak

“I was a liberal arts major in college, but I treated many courses, especially the required philosophy courses, as just something to get through in order to get my degree. The opportunity some 20 years later to revisit many of the texts that I previosuly gave such short shrift to has been very rewarding. It's one thing to enjoy reading a Jane Austen novel or Shakespearean play on its own, but reading these works within a framework that includes Aristotle, Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau discloses so much more about any particular work.” - Noreen Tanzar

“I am a more careful, and thoughtful, reader of everything that I come across. I find myself referring to the writers I have encountered when discussing political and ethical issues with friends and family. I have come to a better understanding of the traditions and thought that underpin our Western way of being.” - Christine Wellman