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Basic Program of Liberal Education for Adults

Tuition Discounts for New Basic Program Students

Now until August 15, Tuition Discounts are Available for New Basic Program Students. Read more >

Basic Program 70th Anniversary

70th anniversary of the Basic Program of Liberal Education for Adults

Over 200 students and alumni, past and present were in attendance. Read more >

Fred Beuttler speaking to group of people

How to Make Democracy Wise: Liberal Arts as Foundation

Mr. Beuttler observed that the wisdom found in democracy might best be seen as intimately linked to this critical, questioning spirit, particularly at a time when extreme political polarization and experience increasingly determined by algorithms have done much to erode the common ground on which such engaged democratic discussion can be carried out. Read more >

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Summer Quarter Begins
June 13, 2017

Autumn Quarter Begins
September 23, 2017


Why UChicago?

From its founding, the University of Chicago has made a commitment to share its intellectual resources with the public by establishing one of the first continuing education programs in the United States.


The Basic Program of Liberal Education for Adults is a four-year certificate program that offers a rigorous, liberal arts curriculum that draws on the strong Socratic tradition at the University of Chicago and covers the foundations of Western political and social thought, as well as its literature.

In this great books program, read, explore, and engage with these important texts and authors in a dedicated community of learners, led by experienced instructors who will serve as your guide to the texts.

There are no tests, papers, or grades; you will instead discuss, disagree, and discover these works just as students in the University of Chicago College do, with the benefit of additional years of insight and experience to add to the conversation.

Those seeking a liberal arts great books program offering both practical and stimulating education for adults will find it and much more here at the University of Chicago Graham School.