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Welcome to the Graham School instructor resources section. Please use the links below and above to find instructor forms, FAQs, and other information you may need.

Useful Forms

New Instructors

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Tax and Payroll Forms

Classrooms and AV Resources

Audio-Visual Equipment

Due to limited availability, equipment requests are not guaranteed. All requests for equipment must be made using the Equipment/Room Setup Request Form which comes with your instructor packet (see sample form in Appendix of Instructor Teaching Policies and Procedures). This includes TV/VCR/DVD carts, overhead projectors, CD/tape players, piano, computers, and LCD projector, etc. Instructors and students who want to use Mac laptops for presentations are expected to provide their own adapter.

It is important that we know what you need and when you will need it before final schedules are determined so that appropriate room assignments and equipment allocations can be made and so that we can correctly price your course to reflect the prorated cost of equipment you may use. As your needs change, it is very important that you keep us informed.We cannot guarantee that last minute audio-visual requests will be accommodated. If the equipment is available and time permits, it may be used. However, there is no guarantee that the equipment will be ready at the start of class.

Special note for requests for the use of a computer and LCD projector

Your needs may change, and you may need to request a computer or LCD projector after you have submitted your initial equipment request. Because of the growing popularity of computer equipment for instructional use, should be informed at least one week in advance if you would like to use such equipment. Please note that we may not be able to accommodate all requests.

Room Setup

Please indicate your preference for room arrangements on the Equipment/Room Setup Request Form which comes with your instructor packet. Typically arrangements include:

  • “seminar style” (tables arranged in a hollow square/U-shape)
  • “lecture style” (tables arranged in rows)
  • “kindergarten style” (tables arranged in pods of 4 students each)

Please note we may not able to accommodate all room setup requests, due to certain room constraints/availability or other factors.

Instructor FAQs

This is just a summary of the main points covered in greater detail in the Teaching at the Graham School: Policies and Procedures you should have received. Please refer to that document for more information

Graham School Contact Information

  • Your program manager, based in Hyde Park, is your primary contact.
  • Gleacher Center staff will assist you with classroom logistics, but they are not able to make programmatic decisions that affect the format or content of any class; please work with your program manager if your class is in Hyde Park.

Syllabus and Course Materials

  • You must have a final syllabus to distribute to your class on the first day; there should be minimal, if any, changes to the syllabus from then on.
  • Book orders: please see your program manager for deadlines and procedure.
  • Photocopy requests: must be turned in no later than 2 weeks before needed; the Gleacher Center photocopier is NOT available for last-minute use by instructors.
  • AV/equipment requests: in by deadline or do without; see Gleacher Center staff for more information.


  • The first step to getting paid is to return all materials (instructor agreement, contact information, employee profile and survey) by the deadline. We can’t pay you without everything completed.
  • Try as we might, you usually won’t be paid until the last day of the month AFTER you’ve started teaching.
  • Direct deposit is available and highly recommended:

Forms Required by the Government

  • Tax Forms: Federal W-4 and IL W-4; both forms must be completed before the start of your first class. Some instructors find it easier to complete these two forms at home and bring them to Gleacher. There will also be blank forms available at Gleacher.
  • Form W-4:
  • Form IL-W-4:
  • I-9: this form may NOT be completed at home; it must be signed in person before a Graham School staff member. The I-9 requires very specific ID documents; please make sure that the documents you bring to Gleacher are in compliance with the List of Acceptable Documents.


First Class

  • Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your first class so that you have time to fill out forms, find your classroom, and settle in.
  • Introduce yourself to Graham School staff in Suite 32 on the Concourse Level.
  • Complete/turn in any outstanding payroll paperwork.
  • Pick up course materials and syllabi from program staff. If you submitted these on time for us to prepare, they will be waiting for you.
  • Check schedule boards or ask program staff for your room number.

In the Classroom

  • The requested AV equipment will typically be in the room before the start of class. Classrooms are usually available 30-60 minutes before the start time, but sometimes less. The Graham School will try to fulfill all AV requests that have been submitted on time, however, equipment and room setups are not guaranteed and cannot always be fulfilled as requested, depending on circumstances.
  • Sign-In Rosters will normally be in the classroom; make sure all students sign a copy of the Sign-In Roster. Keep the other copy for your own use.

Gleacher Bookstore

  • If you ordered books, students may ask about the bookstore. The bookstore is located in the lobby
  • Hours are: M-F, 10 am–6:30 pm, and SAT, 8:30 am–4:30 pm. Instructors teaching seminars that start before 10 am or after 6:30 pm should ask students to purchase books before the start of class or to consider an online source like Amazon

Class Breaks and Lunch

  • Most classes take a 10-15 minute break in the middle. On weeknights the café in the lobby closes at 8:15 pm. Please plan breaks so that students can visit the café before it closes
  • During the break instructors bring signed Sign-In Rosters to the office
  • Lunch breaks, where applicable, are from 12-1

Meeting Days/Times

  • If you are ill and cannot teach, contact your program manager immediately. If you cannot reach him/her, call the Gleacher Center: 312.464.8655.
  • Classes are to be held as scheduled and in the rooms assigned; under no circumstances may an instructor make changes without permission from the program staff.
  • Snow? Rain? Gloom of night? If the University is open, we are probably holding class. If you are not sure, check our website or call 773.702.1722. Still can't reach anyone? Call the Gleacher Center number above.

University IDs/Email

Currently, most Graham School instructors cannot get a University of Chicago ID or email account. We are working to change this.

Library Privileges

You may have guest access without borrowing privileges, the term before and the teaching term. Please see your program manager for more information.


All courses are subject to cancellation due to low enrollment. We try to make this decision at least three days before the start of a course, but this is not always possible. We reserve the right to cancel any class for any reason.