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Improve your writing for greater clarity, organization, and persuasiveness.

Improve your writing for greater clarity, organization, and persuasiveness. The Writer’s Studio invites you to take our business writing courses for better communication in business and beyond.

Visual Storytelling for Business: Creating Effective Presentations

May 28-June 6 | 6–8:30 pm | Gleacher Center downtown | $295

What makes a presentation effective? A strong narrative, compelling visuals, and an audience-focused approach work together to create a presentation your viewers won’t soon forget. In this workshop, we will focus on designing and delivering a presentation that is as engaging to create as it is watch. Whether you come to class with a presentation you want to improve or eager to create something new, you’ll leave with tools that help you deliver.


Powerful Punctuation: Commanding Commas, Sexy Semicolons, and More

MAy 29–June 5, 2019 | 6–9 pm | Gleacher Center downtown | $170

Forget the dry, boring grammar lessons of your youth. Take this class and enter an enchanting world of punctuation unlike any you have ever considered. Do commas trip you up? Unsure about semi-colons? Come explore their usage and untapped power. We will also touch upon more elusive forms of punctuation: hyphens, dashes, parentheses, apostrophes, and ellipses. Like a multimedia artist who uses a variety of material, go beyond your ho-hum periods, question marks, and exclamations and learn how to infuse your writing with fun (yes, fun!) forms of punctuation.


Effective Writing for Business and the Professions

October 2–november 20, 2019 | 5:30–8 pm | Gleacher Center downtown | $625

In the workplace, writing succeeds when it is easy to read, efficient, and valuable. The more you know, the more difficult it can be to communicate your expertise clearly and persuasively. To share your expertise with others, you must organize your material, structure your ideas, and frame your concepts in language that is both precise enough to be accurate and direct enough to be clear to your reader. This course introduces techniques you can use to diagnose and revise your writing so that it will succeed with any readers, from colleagues to clients to the general public. Tuition includes course materials.


Effective Writing for Business and the Professions Consultation


Use this one-on-one consultation to learn the skills necessary to enhance the clarity and effectiveness of your business and professional writing. Over eight weeks, you will receive written feedback on two five-page writing samples and revisions, and take part in four forty-five-minute, student-directed online consultation sessions. As University of Chicago Writing Program instructors, consultants will work with writers to help them align their goals as writers in the professional world with the needs of their readers. Consultants will help writers understand what rhetorical choices they have, and they will give writers analytical tools to take beyond the individual sessions.