At its founding, the University of Chicago made a commitment that has evolved into one of the finest continuing education liberal arts programs in the country.

It is a commitment to small discussion-based classrooms, intellectual seriousness, excellent instructors, and a broad selection of challenging courses. Peer universities have tried to offer what we do, but it isn’t profitable, so most stopped. We don’t intend to. With your help we can make the Graham School the premier liberal arts continuing education program in the country.

We ask our students, alumni, and friends to help us build a fund to support the dedicated and inspiring instructors who are at the core of every student’s Graham School experience. Demonstrate your commitment to this continuing education community and your belief in the value of a liberal arts education.

How You Can Support the School

Your gift to the Graham School can be much more than a simple donation. It can encourage others to give, establish a legacy, or commemorate a loved one in a lasting, meaningful way.

Outright Gifts
You can support the Graham School through outright gifts of cash, stocks and bonds, mutual funds, and wire transfers. Most gifts allow you to claim a federal income tax charitable deduction.

Matching Gifts
Thousands of companies and corporate foundations match the gifts of their current and retired employees to nonprofit institutions. Double, or perhaps even triple, the value of your gift and have that gift credited to you.

Life Income Gifts and Bequests
Give lasting support to the Graham School’s future programs by making a planned gift. These gifts are easy to establish and some even provide a guaranteed stream of income back to the donor.

Honorary and Memorial Gifts
A gift made in tribute is the perfect way to recognize the meaningful Graham School experience of a family member, friend, or colleague.