Color Coded World Map of where Graham School students live

Autumn/Winter 2021/22 Gargoyle Course Catalog

The Compleat Gargoyle is your source for noncredit liberal arts courses, events, and other offerings at the University of Chicago Graham School.

Autumn/Winter 2021/22 Gargoyle Course Catalog

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The Graham School serves as the ‘front door’ of the University of Chicago, and the shift to remote learning has helped to open that door to a community of adult learners that spans not only the Chicago area, but also stretches across the country and the globe. Our remote classrooms have become sites of reunion and reconnection. We have been delighted to learn that friends and family who share common intellectual interests, but live in far-flung locales, arrange to study together at Graham. The map illuminates the growing reach of Graham’s network. We hope that you see yourself in this map, and that you help us to further shade it in by inviting a friend or family member to join you in a Graham class!

In addition to expanding our student population, we are also expanding our range of courses. This Autumn, we are introducing a new course format—the Interactive Lecture (see pg. 5). We have also invited a new cohort of leading experts and University of Chicago faculty to teach Open Enrollment classes. There are no requirements or pre-requisites for taking these courses, except for curiosity, good will, and a willingness to do the assigned readings.

Please peruse these pages to learn more about the ways that Graham can help you to immerse yourself in the University of Chicago’s rich scholarly traditions. We look forward to seeing you in the fall.