Webinar: Introduction to Nonprofit Marketing: Making the Most of Limited Resources 6/20/2017

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Today's nonprofit sector marketing professionals face increased demand for sophisticated, multi-channel messaging in an ever-more crowded and competitive environment. Owing to limited human and capital resources at most nonprofits, these professionals often don't have the support or network they need to improve the efficacy of their marketing, and experiment with new ways of sharing their organization's mission. This webinar offers an overview of activities and unsuspected resources to tap into to achieve goals and grow awareness of your organization.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about existing organizational resources and build internal alliances to help you create and share marketing content
  • Understand how building a peer network in the sector is crucial for meeting your marketing goals, especially for those individuals who are a department of just one or two individuals


Em HallEm Hall is an award-winning marketer, communicator, and digital strategist. She is the founder of Em+ H Consulting, LLC, where she has an all-star roster of nonprofits and small business clients. Em most recently served as the Senior Vice President for Marketing and Technology at One Hope United, a multi-state, private human services organization headquartered in Chicago. Em has over a decade of experience her field, including at Goodwill of Greater Washington where she was a driving force behind the groundbreaking “Fashion of Goodwill” blogging campaign. Em has created innovative digital and social media marketing campaigns for the USO; Zipcar; About Face Theatre; and BPI, an independent public interest law and policy center addressing compelling issues of social justice and quality of life. Em sits on the boards of About Face Theatre and the University of Chicago Arts Alumni Network.

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June 20, 2017
6:00 PM–7:00 PM CST