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Paris Art Trip Information Session

Image of a stone gargoyle looking over the city of Paris, France

Love the How to View Art course series? Want to study at some of the most iconic art museums in the world? Join our newest course with Dr. Ariela Lazar and spend 6 days touring the Louvre, Musée d'Orsay, Centre Pompidou, and Musée Picasso with fellow art lovers. The trip will focus on the most essential examples and principles of Modern Art (material that is not available outside Paris) and, mostly, on twentieth century art.

The course begins with a welcome dinner on Tuesday, June 23 and concludes on the evening of Monday, June 29. We will follow the first half of the twentieth century as evolving between the artistic centers that were embodied in Picasso and Matisse’s work. We will see in what way Post-War art evolved around different figures and principles and what was innovated in the latter half of the twentieth century. Paris allows us to dissect an, e.g., twentieth century work by looking at its relationship with, say, an important Renaissance work. Our ability to make illuminating connections between twentieth century art and previous periods is virtually unlimited on this occasion. 

In this information session, we will discuss course details and logistics for our first Art Trip to Paris!

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