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Cyberbiosecurity: Cybersecurity Protecting Hospitals and Research


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cyberbiosecurity lecture livestreamed from downtown chicago

Hospital information technology systems. Electrical grids. Your phone. These are what we think of when we consider cybercrime. But what about DNA? Join us for a conversation with Nate Evans and Dr. Sam Volchemboum, who will answer this question, discuss the importance of cyberbiosecurity, and ask if we are doing enough to protect data in the biosciences.

Science exploration depends upon cloud services, cyber-physical devices, internet-connected machines, remote databases, and many other cyber-vulnerable technologies. Cyberbiosecurity aims to understand and reduce the risks of conducting research using these technologies in the biosciences and ensure that the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of scientific data is upheld. Without these, bad actors have the opportunity to steal from biotechnology firms, manipulate DNA sequences, and much more. This panel will discuss these risks and best practices to ensure biological data is safe and secure.

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