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Growing Threats of Cybersecurity Attacks in Sports


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Aerial view of a crowded baseball stadium

Technological dependency continues to be interwoven in the sporting world, increasing cybersecurity risks and threats. This can have a direct impact upon stadiums and arenas, the integrity of the game, as well as attacks directed at fans. Ranging from remotely controlled systems throughout a stadium, to network isolation and infrastructure, there are aspects to take in to consideration to prevent cybersecurity related threats and vulnerabilities.

Professional sports draw in large crowds, leaving spectators susceptible to phishing scams, cities vulnerable to traffic management issues, and stadiums exposed to possible power outages, visual interruptions, as well as network compromises. With both national audiences and international platforms, sports present an avenue for the possibility of an array of cyber attacks. With professional sports teams and stadiums becoming more and more connected through technology for an improved spectator experience, an increased need for cybersecurity is necessary. Furthermore, the integration of data, and the associated big data logic, with sports will continue to expand and remain prevalent in the future. The integrity of that data collection and dissemination is key to the reliance for predictive analysis and actionable data-processing.

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