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Workshop: The Common Denominator is You! Part 1: Mastering Emotional Intelligence and Assessing Your Behavioral Style


Wouldn't it be great if we could achieve success in all our personal and professional endeavors? Wouldn't it be equally satisfying if we understood why others behave the way that they do? After all, we are brilliant individuals who possess intelligence and technical skills, right? Then why are we having difficulty managing others, collaborating on a team, or fostering those personal relationships that bring us joy? The answer is simple. We all approach situations from completely different angles, which can cause friction and confusion when we don't "get" where people are coming from. In other words, our IQ is outweighing our EQ - Emotional Intelligence. 


Emotions drive behavior, good or bad, and determine whether appropriate or inappropriate action is taken. When we are emotionally intelligent, we have the ability to manage our own emotions and others, particularly when under pressure. By understanding the behavioral and communication styles of ourselves and others, we can work from a solid foundation of mutual respect. Being able to hone in on "why?" and not "what?" is the key to understanding motivation and facilitating communication. Learning to accept differences while capitalizing on the diversity of work styles found in our groups and team members, aids in our own personal and professional development. Further, research has shown that those with higher levels of emotional intelligence enjoy a greater earning potential, have less absenteeism and experience greater workplace success as it relates to people management, decision making, and communication skills. This seminar provides both theoretical and practical application techniques through the use of open dialogue, group work, and/or individual exercises. 


SORGLEAD1 is Part 1 of 2 workshops. The Common Denominator is You! Part 2: Managing Expectations, Conflict Resolution, and Building High-Performing Teams, the second part of the workshop series, will take place on February 17. The completion of both Parts 1 and 2 is equivalent to one elective course in either the Financial Decision Making certificate or the Digital Marketing and Integrated Communications certificate.

Presenter: Samantha Coleman

Samantha Coleman

Dr. Samantha Coleman is an award-winning visionary leader, educator, and trained clinician. She began her career working in mental health facilities, psychiatric hospitals, crisis programs, and private practices. In 2005, she founded Assist Her, Inc., an Illinois non-profit organization that provided prevention, literacy, and mentoring programs to girls ages 10-18. Through the development of her clinically sound, social-emotional programming for Chicago Public School elementary and high school students, significant gains were made in improving academic performance, school attendance, and decreased behavioral infractions for at risk adolescent girls. Genuine, driven and skilled, Coleman combined clinical training and youth development with grassroots outreach to change lives one girl at a time. Upon closing its doors in 2014, Assist Her, Inc. serviced well over 2,000 females in the Chicagoland area.

Coleman’s endeavor as a socially responsible entrepreneur unexpectedly brought her into the landscape of both public and higher education. Her ability to both lead and manage allow her to visualize the large picture and the minute details that are necessary for true impact within an organization and its program delivery. Her clinical skills allowed for Assist Her, Inc. have become a heralded training for Master’s level interns from notable psychology and social work programs, such as the University of Illinois at Chicago Applied Psychology Program, Jane Addams School of Social Work, Dominican University, and the Chicago School of Professional Psychology just to name a few.

Dr. Coleman’s expertise in leadership, management, systems, culture, career advancement, etc. have found her in the classroom as a Professor preparing adult learners for their future careers as scholars and practitioners. She has a talent for formulating information into a framework that creates understanding of core concepts.

Dr. Coleman is a graduate of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (PhD, Organizational Leadership), Concordia University (M.A. Community Counseling) and The University of Illinois at Chicago (B.A. Psychology). Her research interests revolve around Work Engagement and Psychological Capital (PsyCap).

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