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Webinar: Introduction to Developmental Editing for Fiction


Webinar online


The web link will be communicated a day before the event.


The goal of developmental editing is to improve the content, readability, and flow to create a better, more marketable manuscript. Performing a developmental edit for a fiction manuscript is much different than doing one for a nonfiction manuscript and requires a unique skill set. In this presentation, you will learn about the elements of fiction, which are the basis for fiction developmental editing, and how the role of a developmental editor differs from that of a copy editor when editing fiction manuscripts. Career options for fiction developmental editors will also be discussed.

Presenter: Jill Welsh

Jill Welsh

Jill Welsh is an experienced freelance manuscript editor and writing coach who works closely with authors to help them create the most professional and marketable books possible. She specializes in manuscript evaluations, developmental editing, and copy editing for both fiction and nonfiction manuscripts. Jill has a background in traditional publishing and marketing. She owns JWelsh Editorial and is the past president, VP, and marketing director of Chicago Women in Publishing (CWIP), as well as a longstanding member of the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA). Jill also gives instructional presentations and seminars on various editing topics.