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Webinar | Unstuck: How to Get Creative in Your Career



We can’t anticipate all the curveballs thrown our way, and this session will discuss how we manage change, recover from failure, and ultimately shake up our attitude and circumstances to get on a more fulfilling career path. 

In this webinar, you’ll hear about how flexibility and persistence can “steady the ship” of your career. Particularly regarding the worlds of higher education publishing and learning science, it pays to invest in your ability to look at challenges in a different way. You’ll hear about this and more in this session.  

The webinar is going to explore: 

  • Looking at a problem from a different angle
  • Finding resources when you feel you’ve run out of them
  • How to invest more evenly in your “life buckets”

This webinar is sponsored by the Professional Development Programs Student Advisory Board (PDPSAB), a 16-member board composed of current students and alumni from across all certificate programs. The advisory board fosters a supportive environment for certificate and non-credit students in the Graham School, plans events and activities, and works to create a collaborative certificate community. Prospective students are encouraged to contact the board to learn more about the professional development student experience. If you are a current student or alumni interested in learning more about the PDPSAB or have an idea you'd like to explore, please email


Christian Lyon

M. Christian Lyon’s career began in a bustling, Fortune 500 logistics company. Leaping industries, he jumped from the high-volume world of supply chain management to higher education publishing and learning science. Working collaboratively with editorial members of the organization, he served as product developer for four marketing franchises (Essentials of Marketing; International Marketing; Consumer Behavior; Customer Service) and a student success title (Success in College and Beyond). 

Christian’s career sat him down at the table for fascinating conversations between author, professor, publisher, and editorial on how to unlock the potential of learners across the world. It was these conversations which drew him to his current role as learning technology representative (LTR). The new role of LTR pulls him out from behind the desk of product development and sends him out onto college campuses across the PA, OH, and WV regions, working with professors and administrators on-the-ground to ensure students have the tools they need for a more lasting and life-sustaining education.

His life outside of McGraw-Hill is filled with the great creative joys of music, poetry, and photography. A lifelong organizer, he has, for over a decade, also had the good fortune to be a trusted editor and collaborator on numerous projects, ranging from records to literary collections to concerts and festivals. His labors of love as a creative inform the way he views a career and suggest that we are never “stuck” in a job if we take the reins with good humor and an earnest desire to grow.

Laurie ShoulterKarall is the executive assistant to Elizabeth Shaw, CEO at Chicago International Charter School (CICS). Prior to coming to CICS, Laurie worked at the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) as the assistant to the vice president of higher education. She also worked at After School Matters, a nonprofit that provides after-school apprenticeships and programs for teens throughout Chicago. Laurie completed her bachelor of arts: business degree at North Park University as an adult learner. As a lifelong learner, she also has earned a paralegal certificate from Roosevelt University, a marketing certificate from the University of Chicago Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies, and continues to work on obtaining her Editing certificate through the same institution. She has recently joined the Professional Development Student Advisory Board at the University of Chicago. When not working, Laurie is an avid reader and involved in a variety of artistic pursuits.

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