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Webinar: Authentically Engaging Audiences in a Digital World

Webinar online

Digital technologies have fundamentally changed how we live and communicate. As marketers, we can strategically use digital tools to build relationships and create brand trust, if we focus on providing more personalized and relevant experiences. However, our efforts will be for naught if our digital campaigns are not executed in an authentic and transparent manner. This webinar is an introduction to a series of two daylong seminars that will explore the use of persuasion, social purpose, and multicultural marketing especially as they relate to email and social media marketing.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Recognize the role of digital in integrated marketing communications
  • Identify how to use digital tools to reach the right audiences
  • Identify requirements to successfully complete the two-day seminar workshop

Presenter: Yani Mason

Yani Mason

Yani Mason has spent nearly a decade in the education and nonprofit sectors in a variety of roles including digital communications, social media, public relations, and grant writing. Throughout her career, she has helped nonprofit organizations create and maintain engaged communities – both online and off. Yani holds a bachelor of arts from Fisk University, a master’s degree from Vanderbilt University, and a doctorate in interdisciplinary leadership from Governors State University. She recently completed the Integrated Marketing certificate program at the University of Chicago Graham School.


Digital Marketing and Integrated Communications