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Transitioning to a New Career



Career transitions are a regular part of the trajectory of being a modern professional. Recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that most people nowadays change jobs about 11 times by the time they hit age 40, and that 2/3rds of college grad students struggle to launch their career (HBR). The bottom line is that transition and job changing are common, and pivoting careers should not be taboo anymore.

Career transitioning can provoke lots of different emotions, including stress, confusion, excitement, anxiety, being overwhelmed and much more. With change comes uncertainty, and you begin wondering what’s going to happen. Sometimes it can be challenging to know what to hold onto and what to let go of. Just thinking about it can cause stress -- and that's before you even make a switch.

Learning Objectives:

This webinar will focus on an executive-style approach designed to reinforce the soft-skills and mental and behavioral attitudes that we all need in order to succeed successfully in our professional journey and transitions.

The webinar content covers:

  • How to jump start the transition
  • Branding and Networking
  • Find your What, How and Why
  • Financial Planning and Preparedness
  • Career Navigation and Enhancement 
  • Self-awareness 
  • Growth Mindset
  • And More!

The goal of the webinar is to promote critical thinking on the topic of career transition (whatever that looks like to you), and to allow participants to familiarize themselves with tools and approaches that will guarantee HIGHER career satisfaction, INCREASED self-awareness, INCREASED individual-job fit, and REDUCED career hopping.

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Ossola

Dr. Ylenia Ossola is a well-rounded business and I/O professional with a high and practical understanding of organizational and leadership dynamics. She

has international and national experienced in diversity, training, change management, leadership development and process application with an extensive business and marketing background. She considers herself a highly driven foreign national who relocated from Italy to the United States to complete a MA in I/O Psychology and PhD in Business Psychology and pursue her growing desire to help organizations and people achieve their top potential.

Throughout her doctoral education, she took a deep interest in exploring the well-being of retirement-aged individuals, specifically researching the factors that enable them to remain successful in the modern workplace. Through her transition program, based on her published research of the main success factors impacting individuals entering and transitioning to secondary opportunities after successful primary careers, she helps individuals, organizations and HR professionals navigate their next chapter, break the stereotype of retirement and the mental barriers that impede the discovery of true passions.

With a love of psychological assessments (and a high “Conscientiousness” DiSC profile to boot!), Ylenia possesses an expansive breadth of knowledge that enables her to help individuals of all ages use empirically-backed strategies for identifying and changing behaviors in order to live happier and healthier lives. She has a passion for helping people reaching their “next level” and their ideal careers.

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