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Webinar: Conscious Leadership and Team Management Certificate



Today's dynamic and increasingly international work environment can be volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. Companies are facing new leadership challenges as they navigate multiple generations of leaders, rapidly changing technologies, and a shortage of individuals who can consistently innovate and inspire others to perform. It is no longer enough to respond to these challenges with intelligence and strategy. An effective leader must embrace change as a transformational opportunity and react in a way that is intuitive, collaborative, and demonstrative of resilience and emotional capability.

This webinar will offer an introduction to the Conscious Leadership and Team Management certificate. In this program, students will learn about specific practices and tools covered in this two-course certificate to understand and improve upon their leadership style. Students are then better equipped to build trust, manage people’s threat perceptions, and shape the culture and norms of their groups/teams to support motivation, engagement, and performance while promoting an environment of consistent learning and mastery.


Samantha Coleman

Dr. Samantha Coleman is an award-winning visionary leader, educator, and trained clinician. Coleman’s expertise in leadership, management, systems, culture, career advancement, etc. have found her in the classroom as a professor preparing adult learners for their future careers as scholars and practitioners. She has a talent for formulating information into a framework that creates understanding of core concepts. 

Dr. Coleman is a graduate of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (PhD, Organizational Leadership), Concordia University (MA, Community Counseling) and The University of Illinois at Chicago (BA, Psychology). Her research interests revolve around work engagement and psychological capital.

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