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First Friday Lecture: “Time Made Manifest: Haunting and Possession in Toni Morrison’s Beloved”



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This talk will explore the ways in which Morrison portrays psychological time in concrete supernatural forms, and uses the physical manifestations of such time to open up and confront the effects of personal and communal traumatic experience. It will also delve into what it means to heal such experience, concentrating on the role of community in breaking the grip of the past.

About First Friday Lectures

Offered remotely via Zoom, these free online public lectures complement the curriculum of the Basic Program. Each month, an instructor or guest lecturer discusses texts and ideas explored in the four-year program or from our wider range of course offerings. First Friday lectures allow the public and our students to hear instructors speak on their own scholarship or interpretation of a text, in contrast to the discussion method of our classrooms. A period of question and answer follows the talk.

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