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Master of Science in Analytics at a Glance

The University of Chicago Graham School Master of Science in Analytics attracts students from all over the world to our downtown Chicago campus. These students use the MScA program as a springboard to dive into the analytics field, discover new ways to use analytics to explore complex questions, and shape themselves into leaders in the analytics community. Learn more about our student community below!

Position Titles After Graduation: Lead Data Scientist, Data Scientist, Lead Analyst, Senior Consultant, Decision Scientist, Strategic Analyst, Senior Analyst, Senior Associate Analyst, Director of Accounts and Strategy—Analytics, Information Analyst—Data Scientist, Senior Director, Senior Manager, Clinical AnalysisAmong Students Looking for Jobs... 83% found new job by the time of graduation, 50% of graduates accepted new positions, 100% of full-time students accepted new jobs, 20% found new job through MScA resourcesYears of Experience: 16% 0–2 Years, 31% 3–5 Years, 13% 5–7 Years, 14% 7–10 Years, 26% 10+ Years
Top Industries Represented: 6% Consulting, 8% Education, 25% Financial Services, 8% Healthcare, 14% Marketing, 13% TechnologyHighest Degree Earned: 47% Bachelors, 44% Masters, 5% Multiple Masters, 4% PhDAge Range: 7% 20–24, 38% 25–29, 23% 30–34, 17% 35–39, 7% 40–44, 8% 45+
Major Fields of Study: 38% Business/Economics, 37% Engineering/Science, 7% Mathematics/Statistics, 18% OtherIncoming G.P.A. for Spring 2016 Class: 3.8 Out of 4.0 PointsCitizenship: 25% International, 9% Permanent Resident, 66% U.S. Citizen


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