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Analytics Student Support and Services

Academic Advising: Student Affairs Administrators, in collaboration with the MScA Program Director, provides program advising for all students including guiding students on all academic and matriculation requirements and facilitating students’ engagement with university systems and services. It is the responsibility of the Student Affairs Administrators, in collaboration with the MScA Program Director, to ensure that students remain on track during their course of study and resolve any issues that arise. Additionally, the Program Director and instructors serve students by offering curriculum advising related to specific work requirements and career development needs.

Student Support: The MScA program employs Teaching Assistants (TA) to help students with classroom assignments through TA review sessions. Programming workshops on R, SAS, Python, Linux, and Hadoop are offered periodically at no additional charge to MScA students. Additionally, students may enroll in short R and Python courses to advance their programming skills for a minimal fee.

Capstone Project Advisers: The MScA Program Director, MScA instructors, and external individuals who are employed in senior technical positions in key industries serve as capstone supervisors. Capstone supervisors oversee the ongoing development of the capstone research project, including helping students in identifying suitable applied projects, developing and implementing the analytics methodology to produce impactful results, and communicating the results effectively in written and oral formats.

Career and Networking Opportunities: The MScA program has cultivated ongoing partnerships with top employers for capstone research partnerships and employment pathways for graduates. Key networking events provide students the opportunity to build professional contacts, including the annual MScA Spring Career fair and the University of Chicago Autumn Career Fair. Companies from a broad range of industries attend these events to recruit for open analytics positions and to meet emerging talent for future roles. The MScA program hosts quarterly industry-sponsored talks where guest speakers hold panel discussions on current topics and career trajectories in relevant fields. Additionally, prospective employers and MScA research partners are granted exclusive access to the MScA Community Site which houses student profiles and resumes. Access allows our partners to recruit future employees or identify students to support during the capstone process.

Alumni Package: Analytics is a dynamic and rapidly evolving field. To ensure that current students and alumni have opportunities to extend and expand their learning, the MScA program offers students access to a 12th course at no cost and a 50% tuition discount in tuition for future courses. This added benefit allows MScA students to learn beyond the curriculum by taking additional elective courses. Students can take advantage of this offer by taking a 12th course concurrently with classes 10 and 11, or by enrolling in additional courses following completion of the program. This offer extends to MScA courses only.