Student Testimonials

The core of a liberal arts education is about studying interconnectedness: each of the three disciplines, humanities, social sciences, and physical sciences, offers a way to view the world. Taken together, these three areas offer a complete picture of how the modern world developed into what it is today. Science, for example, while quantifiable, is a social engagement which often reflects our social biases. Great writers tell stories shaped by specific social stimuli. To study the liberal arts is to study the spirit of the times from different vantage points with an awareness of the differences and commonalities which shape humanity and our perceptions of it. To this end, classes are discussion-based, and rely upon the great works of Western canon as well as cutting-edge research. Students will discuss the recent discoveries in dark matter alongside Homer’s epic poems, and will be able to make new connections between disparate fields. Hear from our students about their MLA experience.

Katheryn M. Edwards
“I hoped I would learn things I didn't know, meet people I had never met (and probably wouldn't meet under any other circumstances), and understand more clearly the person sitting across from me at the table. The program has delivered and then some. Through the classes, I made caring friendships and laughed a lot. We shared our lives, our thoughts and our beliefs. I will take my experiences with me for the rest of my life. Thank you so much for that.”

Bob Harrigan
"I benefited most from the Master of Liberal Arts program in terms of context. It's what you learn and how you can apply that to the problems you see everyday."

Daniel Kaplan
“The program delivered in every aspect and then some. I not only got through the program, I developed passions for each of the topics covered in the classes. I now have a much broader intellectual curiosity and desire to keep learning. I also have virtually no fear of accepting new challenges.”

Tim Mayes, MLA 10
“I remember sitting in my first class. Imagine studying cosmological physics under the man [the professor] who coined the term ‘dark energy.' Sitting on one side of me was a steel worker and on the other side the chief of surgery at a large hospital.”

Asha Nathan
"The thing that really surprised me was how fun it is. It's like a big party for the brain. And I think part of what makes it so fun is all the different people I go to school with."