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Fred Beuttler speaking to group of people

How to Make Democracy Wise: Liberal Arts as Foundation

Mr. Beuttler observed that the wisdom found in democracy might best be seen as intimately linked to this critical, questioning spirit, particularly at a time when extreme political polarization and experience increasingly determined by algorithms have done much to erode the common ground on which such engaged democratic discussion can be carried out.

David Bevington

Professor Bevington is one of the world's foremost Shakespearan scholars. In Autumn Quarter, he teaches "Cannibals, Magicians, Bastards, and Others: The Renaissance as an Age of Discovery." Learn more about our faculty.

Wendy Doniger

Professor Doniger has published over 40 books on Hinduisum and mythology. In Winter Quarter, she teaches "Religious Law, Secular Law, and Sexual Deviation in Ancient India: The Laws of Manu, the Arthasastra, and the Kamasutra." Learn more about our faculty.

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